Google Visualization API and Code Playground Discussion

Let's talk on Google Visualization API this saturday (20th of June 2009). I will also introduce you to Google Code Playground, an excellent tool to try the Google's javascript based APIs

With Google Visualization APIs you can do the following thing
1. Pull data from datasources like Google Spreadsheet or your own PHP or Java Servlet DataSource
2. Pull Data in SQL fashion with Select Queries and Where clauses
3. Render the data in
a. Data Table
b. Various Charts and Graphs
c. Any third party visualization libraries

With Google Code Playground any one can learn in hours Google's javascript based APIs like
1. Google Maps
2. Google Search
3. Google Translation

Come and join us this saturday at
Dnyanvatsal Commercial Complex, Floor 5
Survey No. 23, Plot No. 189,
Karve Nagar,
Pune, India 411052
Contact no. - 9923085006
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4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m, Saturday, 20th June 2009