Pune GTUG's Mashup Launched

A Mashup has been created for Pune GTUG. The Mashup right has following features

1. Pulling the Pune GTUG Blog
2. Pulling threads from Pune GTUG Google Group
3. Map showing GTUGS all across the world
4. A Calendar Event Listing for Pune GTUG
5. A List of Ideas against a particular Google Technology

Note- I recommend using FireFox, the mashup does not seem to be working well with IE.

In future many more things would be added, and members of Pune GTUG Google Group will also be made members to this mashup.
Very soon, I also plan to release a Google Presentation about what is a Mashup and how to create the simplest of Mashups.

Here is the link for the mashup - http://pune-gtug.googlemashups.com/