Orkut calling for open social Apps....

In case you are not aware, open social APIs from Google is a way to create social networking applications not only for Orkut for the set of social network container under open social. Orkut is one of these containers, and of course India's favorite one too :)

The good thing is this API has been released for a while, several tutorials and guidelines have also been published for the same.

Now the time has come when Orkut is calling the developer community to post quality social networking apps (for orkut container).

Open social is a way to reach millions of user and more important communities of interest, so what are we waiting for lets start making open social applications for orkut and submit them, they could very well be listed in application directory of Orkut।

See the original post from Google - Original Blog Post

Orkut is looking for a few good apps...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 1:57:00 AM

In case you missed it, Orkut has started accepting submissions for inclusion into its application directory. The directory will go live for Orkut's user-facing launch, coming up at the end of February. If you've got an OpenSocial application that you would like listed, please fill out this form. (If you've already submitted your application, don't worry, we still have your information)

Orkut wants as many high quality applications available at launch as possible, but malware, adware, and gadgets that don't meet the Orkut terms of service are going to be filtered out through a review process. We want to make sure the user experience is great!

The review process for the directory will occur right up until and through launch. If you submit before Saturday, February 16th, the Orkut team will be able to give you direct feedback on your application, allowing you time to make any needed changes. If you submit on or after the 16th, reviews will be on a first come, first served basis: the team will try to cover as many submissions as possible, but cannot guarantee that your application will be reviewed for the initial list.

After launch, applications will be added to the directory daily so there'll still be plenty of opportunities to get your applications reviewed and listed, even if you don't get in during the first round.

In order to be accepted into the directory, submitted applications must:

  • Function correctly. No 404s or broken links.
  • Be social OR self-expressive.
  • Not reveal personal data, like email (which is not delivered by the API).
  • Follow the Orkut terms of service. No violent or illegal content, nudity, or hate speech.

Developers are encouraged to make their applications look polished. Using standard colors, fonts, and elements, as well as setting metadata such as icon and description will go a long way. If you're looking for more ways to spruce up your application to be more successful, then the OpenSocial best practices article should give you some ideas.

Keep in mind that the linked article lists suggestions, not requirements. The review process is not intended to act as "social application fashion police" - your application will not be judged based on its purpose or intended audience. If you write something polished, there's a good chance it'll get in, so surprise us with your creativity! We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Good luck and happy coding!

See the following blog post for more details.