KinoCards - QR Code Business Card Creator for Synerzip

KinoCards is a QR Code Business Card Creator. As an Minimal Viable Product, it only supports Synerzip Business Card. Also it does not supports any storage or login functionality in its version 1.

Front Side of Business Card
Inline image 3
QR Codes on Business Card are really helpful. If you ever get a Business Card with a QR Code, take your Smart Phone, start any popular QRCode Scanner App (e.g QR Droid for Android, QR Reader for iPhone, QR Code Reader for Windows Phone). Scan the Business Card (as shown below) and it will import the contact details as a VCard.
Back Side of Business Card
Inline image 4
On the back side of the Business Card is another QR Code, which takes you to a page with entire Social Profile.
How to use from Android Phone (and similarly any other Smart Phone)
Step 1
Install QR Droid on Android
Step 2
Inline image 2
Step 3 
Fill in your details and see the Business cards being created. Download the images for printing.
Step 4
User QR Droid on Android to point to the front of Business Card and see it will prompt you to add the contact in your Address Book
Inline image 9
Inline image 5
Step 5
User QR Droid on Android to point to the back of Business Card and see it will prompt you and open a web page with details about your twitter,linkedin, github pages
 Inline image 10
Inline image 6
Inline image 7
Features in Future
The UI is not yet polished, it will be made polished in next couple of days using Twitter BootStrap. Also we will add the functionality to Login with Synerzip Google Apps, where you can store your profile and browse other people's profile (and scan their business card to import contact directly to your address book).
This MVP (Minimal Viable Product) was done in 6 hours using NodeJs and KnockoutJS and QR Code and HTML5 Canvas APIs.