Getting Started with Gadgets and OpenSocial - 18th April 2009 Pune GTUG meet

In the Pune GTUG meet scheduled on 18th of April 2009, we will be talking about "Getting Started with Gadgets and OpenSocial".

Here are the agenda topics
1. Very short introduction to Gadgets and OpenSocial
2. Getting Started with Gadgets
    - Basic Anotomoy of a Gadget
    - Initialization of Gadget code
    - Understanding Views in Gadget
    - Making Ajax Requests from gadgets (Cross site) using
    - Making Ajax Posts from gadgets (Cross site) using
3. Getting Started with OpenSocial
   - Sending Gifts to friends example 
   - Introducing the Gifts RestFul Application built on Java Google App Engine
   - Walk through OpenSocial Code of sending gifts to friends. Getting list of gifts sent to friends. Getting list of gifts received from friends
   - Walk through Activity Stream - Sending updates or Bragging about sending gifts to your friends.
Here are the sample code which we will discuss in this session.
1. Anatomy of a Gadget - Gadget Version 1 
2. Initialization of a Gadget - Gadget Version 2
3. Understanding Views in a Gadget - Gadget Version 3
4. Making Ajax calls from Gadget - Gadget Version 4
5. Making Ajax posts from Gadget - Gadget Version 5
6. OpenSocial Sending Gifts to friends- Complete example of OpenSocial Gadget - OpenSocial Version 1
Also for those who are interested in building applications using Java on Google App Engine can refer to OpenSocialGifts app that i built for Google App Engine (Java) here - 
This application is running live here -