TechNext Talk - Building Single Page Applications

Building Single Page Applications (in Browsers)

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Saturday, July 21, 20124:00 PM To 6:00 PM

Synerzip Softech Recreational Area

3rd Floor, Revolution Mall, next to CityPride Kothrud, Sheth U M Rathi Path, Pune, Maharashtra, India Kothrud, Pune (map)

Building Single Page Applications (in Browsers)

This session will talk about All Browser based technologies, old, proven, emerging and exciting.

Ajax came in picture around 2005ish and since then became defacto. Then Technologies like Dojo, jQuery, GWT emerged changing how Web Applications where built. Emerging services like Twitter, Facebook defined a new way of writing Web Application called "Single Page Application". And recently we are seeing a surge of frameworks like Sencha Touch 2, ExtJs, Backbone, Spline, Knockout, AngularJs, KindoUI, RequireJs, HandlerBar, Underscore and so many things appear. Its hard to understand where what fits in.

This session will focus on

1. First Understanding Single Page Applications

2. Looking at different Aspects of it

3. Fitting popular Frameworks in different aspects of Single Page Applications

4. We will go and see few of these frameworks at a very high level

Please note this session will not have any major code dives like the others we had in past, but there will be some small code demos. The main purpose of this session is to educate we need to start taking "Single Page Applications" seriously and understand it thoroughly and be able to choose right frameworks for it.

This session will teach you about

1. MVC, MVP and MVVM patterns in the JavaScript world

2. Tell you why History is so important in your Single Page Applications and how to handle it

3. How to do Modular Development using AMD?

4. What are Data Bound Views, What is Micro Templates?

5. How to support HTML 5 properly?

If this session does not suffice we will schedule a follow up session for the same 2 weeks after this one.

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