Steps for promoting Google Technologies

Our intension is simple, facilitate the developer community in Pune, to use Google Technology to build pratical applications for their own communities.
We have simple 3 Step process to do so
1. Educate
2. Collaborate
3. Innovate

Educate -
We are at this step at the time this blog is written. We are trying to educate the developer community in pune about various Google Technologies. The general approach here is to keep putting blogs and tutorials to let the community know about new and upcoming Google Technologies. Also, there would be a meet for pune developer community to present Google Technologies at all the levels, from conceptual to actual hands on

In this step, the community more or less know names and short description of various Google Technologies. They have a picture, of where what will fit in. Now they start collaborating on the Google Group, in meets and via various other channels, to get the answers to their queries. People would themselves will follow what's new on Google Technology front and discuss whether they could be best used.

The last step and the goal of GTUG. Help the developer community to actually launch applications, apply radical concepts to these applications. Make the applications they launched popular over GTUG. Present the whole concept and idea behind these applications and how they would help the web community.
This is where we would see the bright minds come together and actually drive the web community. This is the ultimate goal.