New Age Prototyping/Mockups in HTML5

New Age Prototyping in HTML5 In the new age, Prototype are not wireframes any more, but live interactions. More important these prototypes need to provide the following on Day One

  1. Cool and Conventional Standard UI used by sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. The stake holders looking at the prototypes/mockups should be able to relate to a finished product from Day One
  2. Responsive UI or Mobile First Experience is the key to selling. While your Mobile Apps are being built, there needs to be a fallback to Mobile First Web Sites.
  3. Interactions - Where this is hard coded or behind the scene you have a BAAS. Providing some degree of Interactions wins yours Stake Holders.

At the end Seeing is Believing. The Auto Industry has been doing this for ages with their Clay models. For our Industry following are our Clay Model Tools

  1. Foundation -
  2. Twitter BootStrap -

Best part of the both the above framework is with minimalistic knowledge of HTML and CSS you can pull up great prototypes and mockups with live interaction in no time. And convince the stake holders of Mobile First Experience of Conventional New Age Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in etc.

Whether you are a Developer or QA or Product Owner, the suggestion is not to wait but to try out the new Age Prototyping/Mockups in HTML5 using Foundation or Twitter BootStrap.