Arduino Uno Self Balancing Robot

Arduino Uno Self Balancing Robot

This is an preliminary design for my Arduino Uno Powered Self Balancing Robot. This Robot is built using Arduino Uno R3 as its main micro controller.

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The concept behind the Robot is simple.

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Its got only 2 wheels. The Robot needs to balance itself constantly and navigate itself around. This is much like how a Segway works.

The Body of the Robot is made of Lego NXT blocks. It uses two "hs-311" servo motors, these are full rotation servo motors.  These are mounted on Lego Frames using HSK311CR NXT mounting kit from The concept is very simple Arduino Uno will motor whether Robot is falling forward or backward and send commands to the Servo Motors to go forward and backward to compensate. In reality the Robot is constantly falling and compensating for the fall.

Arduino relies on a 3 axis sensor to know whether its falling forward or backwards and calculates how much to move forward and backward.

Apart from this the Robot has eyes using Ultra Sonic Sensor. These enable the Robot to see few inches ahead (in theory) and know if something is blocking its way and if so, it will change its path.

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Disclaimer - The Robot is under construction, the above theory would be tested and modified as it is built and running.

Component list -

The Robot is build using

- Lego Technic/NTXT Blocks - 2 Full Rotation Servo Motors (HS-311) which plugs into Motor Shield directly - NXT Mounts for Servo Motors ((HSK311CR from  - Enables Servo motor to be put in Lego Blocks - Enables Servo motor to rotate Lego Wheels - Arduino Uno - Arduino Groove Sensor Shield for Uno - Arduino Servo Motor Shield - 3 Axis Gyroscope Sensor which works with Groove Sensor Shield - Ultra Sonic Sensor which works with Groove Sensor Shield - Temperature & Humidity Sensor which works with Groove Sensor Shield