Google Gadgets and Mapplets Made Easy

We all have been using Google Gadgets on iGoogle and most of us love them (atleast I do alot). I was always curious on how to build my own one day and recently I tried doing so with success. Here is a video which will make it very easy for you to get started with Google Gadgets.

Enjoy the session!!

Once you know Google Gadgets moving towards Google Mapplets (Application which run in side Google Maps) is the next step. Google Mapplets open a lot of possibilities with Google Maps, instead of Google Maps being just a navigable map, it transforms it into powerful practical applications.

Imagine being able to search the real estate on various parameters right on the map, also get the directions to that place from your places. The possibilities are limitless.

Here is another Video session which will really make it very easy to catch on Google Mapplets. I suggest you try Google Gadgets (using above video) before actually trying your hands on this.

Go ahead and Enjoy!!